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Electronic hot glue gun HKP 2.0 E

For smart work and highest precision. The fully electronic control makes the tool easier to handle and ensures an even and precise application of the adhesive. The HKP 220 and HKP 2.0 E were specially developed for the professional bonding of thick core skirtings and system skirtings. The new HKP 2.0 generation of devices automates the insertion of the glue sticks and offers several features that make skirting board bonding faster and more efficient.

Delivery includes:
• Hot glue gun HKP 220 or new HKP 2.0 E with case, hook nozzle and 4.2 m power cable.
• 2 kg hot melt adhesive HKS 18/300 (transparent)
The hot glue gun is included in the big mitre tool set.
Advantages of the new HKP 2.0 E
✔ Makes work easier thanks to the specially designed electronic insertion of adhesive sticks
✔ LED status display with temperature control
✔ electronic insertion of the adhesive sticks
✔ two performance levels for regulating the amount of adhesive
✔ Heating time: approx. 4 minutes
✔ special stability through integrated stand
✔ significantly faster processing (no pumping, max. processing time)
✔ Guarantee of freedom from complaints (only when used with Doellken hot melt adhesive)  

Technical details HKP 2.0 E:
✔ fixed working temperature (max. 220 C°)
✔ Mounting: 18 mm glue sticks (from Doellken) - particularly high melting performance
✔ Weight: 1.100 g
✔ Power rating: 600W
✔ Bonding capacity: at highest output level 3500 g/h 58 g/min

The new HKP 2.0 - it can be that easy