Universal skirting boards

On every floor a real highlight

USL 60 Cubica / USL 60 Cubica sk

made of expanded polyblend based on PVC (all content conforms to REACH)

The new integrated soft lips offer a clean join with the flooring, protecting it from e.g. water penetration when wiping, therefore, making it also ideally suited to wet-rooms.

USL 60 Cubica is available in a wide range of décor finishes. It can be combined with the décor surfaces of the Cubu Touch & Style, Cubu Stone & Style and Cubu premium. A minimum production quantity is required.


1 sales unit = 10 x 2,5 m

Technical Drawing

Installation Recommendation

Skirting scissors
only for the version USL 60 cubica sk
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    Cubica 60 Decor Number Caps
    ancona 3163 seidengrau
    eiche Siena 2348 eiche
    eiche Padua 3184 eiche
    eiche Fa.Tren 3143 eiche
    eiche vers. 3172 eiche hell
    stone bari 3158 grau
    kiefer country 3144 eiche
    white oak 3147 seidengrau
    milano 3164 silber
    canadian pine 3148 elfenbein
    niagara hemlock 3149 eiche
    florida pine 3150 eiche
    colorado oak 3151 eiche
    schiefer hell 2832 silber
    eiche natur 3346 eiche
    eiche weiß 3347 seidengrau
    eiche grau 3348 seidengrau
    midland oak white 3289 elfenbein
    brio oak 3290 silber
    eiche grau 3221 seidengrau
    eiche dunkel grau 3209 silber
    eiche sand 3291 seidengrau
    midland oak brown 3292 silber
    midland oak 3293 eiche
    skagen eiche 3231 eiche
    eiche moorland 3294 eiche
    country oak 3295 grau
    eiche 3219 blassbraun
    schneeweiss 1005 weiß
    weiß 1132 weiß
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