TS 100 life

Cored skirting board for textile coverings

TS 100 life

HDF core encased in hard wearing polyblend based on PP/TPE  (all content conforms to REACH) with cable conduit. for gluing in infills of carpet.

1 sales unit = 10 x 5,15 m

1 sales unit = 20 x 2,575 m



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Döllken Profiles GmbH is one of the leading manufacturer of skirting boards of hardwearing plastics, system skirtings and system  floor profiles and combinations of wood composite materials and polyolefin. Döllken is delivering skirtings to many countries in all continents. The clients of Döllken are distributors and  traders in the field of floor coverings. Since 2002 Döllken has been part of the Surteco Company.