Modern design for any living room

The cored skirting board for all types of floor covering

Cubu flex life

Product and processing properties better than any foil wrapped MDF skirting can offer

Cubu flex life

HDF core encased in a chlorine free, hardwearing polyblend based on PP/TPE.

  • flexible soft lips
  • simple installation
  • robust due to wrapping
  • chlorine free

Available size:

Cubu flex life 40 with 40 mm 
Cubu flex life 60 with 60 mm  
Cubu flex life 80 with 80 mm 
Cubu flex life 100 with 100 mm Höhe

1 sales unit = 10 x 2,5 m

Technical Drawing

Installation Recommendation

Döllken hot melt
Döllken Mitre Tool