Cubu Decor

Better product and processing properties than any foiled MDF skirting

Cubu Decor

The Cubu Decor is a core skirting board for all types of flooring.

Product Information
HDF core, coated with the chlorine-free polyblend based on PP / TPE
With flexible soft lips at the top and bottom
Continuous design, including printed soft lips
Decors are matched to many common design coverings
Profile ends can be formed from the profile with the Döllken skirting punch without additional molded parts
TCF totally chlorine free

1 pack = 10 x 2.5 m

More than 300 decors in the range - can be ordered on request!
Assembly takes place except for the relocating of the clamping lever as with the EP 60. You can find more information on the processing of our products here.


Technical Drawing

  • Colours/Decors

    1013 white
    2033 calypso
    2032 twist
    2386 malua
    2572 fashion oak
    2580 grey cherry
    2339 oak classic
    2407 european oak
    2486 smoaked oak
    2258 limed grey wood
    2571 vintage desert
    2487 wild oak
    2388 victoriaeiche
    2022 vintage oak grey
    2570 native oak
    2562 pinie weiß
    2428 Alder
    2379 treibholz grau
    2491 Pinie weiß
    2445 monterey creme
    2402 honigeiche
    2424 natural oak
    2603 eiche classic
    2373 silberschiefer
    2370 silbereiche
    2369 diele rustikal
    2365 eiche hell
    2357 planke country
    2332 eiche gewachst
    2615 sandstein grau
    2485 s. oak white
    2629 Alba Oak Snow
    2324 goldeiche rus.
    2661 chene naturel
    2661 chene naturel
    1144 (1001)