FAQs Floor and special Profiles

  • Must wallpaper corner trims be filled?

    The material thickness of the profiles and the application of adhesives require that all wallpaper corner profiles be smoothened with filler. We here recommend using conventional fillers available in the trade. Take note of the recommendations of the manufacturer in this respect.

  • How and with what are wallpaper corner trims attached?


    Use assembly adhesive to attach wallpaper corner trims. Apply the adhesive to the glued sides of the profile in a wave pattern. Adhesive fillers (e.g. Methylan KS) are also available that are excellently suited for attaching the profiles since they may be used for filling directly after gluing. Take note of the manufacturer's application recommendations in this respect.

  • How do I fit wallpaper corner trims at the doorway arch?

    Simply remove a side of the wallpaper corner trim to form the doorway arch.

  • Can I work with other than right angled corners with the wallpaper corner trims?

    Working with corners other than right angled or roof jambs: Use a sharp knife to slit the profile back (TEL 20) or front (TIW) between flanks. This allows the flank to be pressed on to match the angle. Termination at transitions: Cut as above and cut off the flank.