Report reference projects, use chance of € 100

For over 25 years we have been developing, selling and living together on the subject of baseboards. And not just in Germany, but in over 56 countries! With your help, we want to find out where DÖLLKEN products have been installed anywhere or are currently being installed.

For us, following buildings:
PRIVATE: Private apartment buildings + apartment buildings
HEALTH: hospitals, care facilities, medical practices
EDUCATION: Kindergartens, schools + universities
HOSPITALITY: Hotels, youth hostels, restaurants, spa and wellness centers
OFFICE: administrative and office building
SPORTS & LEISURE: Sports facilities, gyms, leisure facilities
CULTURE: museums, theaters, cultural centers, libraries & concert halls
BUSINESS: Wholesale and retail, car dealerships, industrial construction
MOBILITY: train stations, airports, cruise ships + rest stops

That's how it works:
A label is now on every packaging of our products. There you will find a short explanation and a WhatsApp contact (0151-566 603 94). Send us photos of your reference projects implemented with Döllken to this number. A "curious" Döllken employee will then contact you to find out more.

We will photograph the most interesting projects professionally and publish them on our homepage. If your project is included - you get € 100 cash!
Join us and show us your projects - we look forward to your photos.
Your team Döllken