The new antimicrobial skirting board

New material composition protects products against germs

Thanks to the latest technology, we can offer the perfect addition to antimicrobial floor coverings – the antimicrobial skirting board from Döllken Profiles for any facility or living space where hygiene is important.

Especially in hospitals, nursing homes, kindergartens or public spaces, where people are the focus, hygiene and health are of particular importance. The special material composition of our antimicrobial skirting boards reduces the growth of harmful bacteria on the surface up to 99.99%. offering a surface that will harbour less bacteria. Our skirting boards are tested to STANDARD ISO22196:2011 and were awarded the Biomaster seal, which means we can meet your premium requirements.

Our antimicrobial skirting boards are effective for the life time of the product and inhibit the growth of a range of organisms including those that can cause food poisoning (e.g. Salmonella) and also antibiotic-resistant bacteria (such as MRSA and VRE). The surface of the skirting incorporates Biomaster silver additive which reduce the opportunity for bacteria to grow 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Disinfectants can indeed remove bacteria immediately, but this effect is only temporary – and contamination can occur again after just a few hours. Thanks to the new antimicrobial skirting boards, bacterial growth between cleanings can also be reduced. 

Selected soft skirting boards are available in an antimicrobial version on request. Further product lines will follow in the coming months.

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The new antimicrobial skirting board by Döllken Profiles, for a carefree and healthy indoor climate